1 May

Review of Saucony Jazz Original Shoes

Saucuny Jazz 1

This shoe has been designed with elegance and uniqueness, which makes it among the most valuable on the market. Its value is related to the flexibility that it has. You can literally wear Saucony Jazz Original Shoes for the gym or casually, with a nice pair of jeans. Here are some of the special features of the shoe;

  • Cushioned collar and tongue. This means that you will be comfortable when you put on the shoes. Any friction or pressure that may be caused when you wear it for long will be reduced.
  • Blended laces. The laces have 2 sets of colors that allow you to mix it with different colors of clothes. This is another thing I liked about the shoe.
  • A shock-absorbing mid-sole. The mid sole has been designed with a special technology that allows you to walk in the shoe comfortably. This means that you will not experience any shock when you are walking, running or working out.
  • Lightweight. The shoe is also quite light, meaning that you will comfortably wear it, without any weight on the feet. This makes it a perfect shoe for a casual occasion or for working out.
  • Nylon surface, with suede on the overlays. This means that you can easily clean it with a piece of cloth.

Customers’ reviews


90% of the people, who have bought these shoes have positively rated them and basically, they have given the shoe an average rating of 4 and above, out of 5. What pleases many customers about these shoes is that the shoes can be used in a gym for a workout or outside for a casual event. Another thing about the shoes is that they have a friendly price.


Honestly, have you ever heard of the brand, Saucony Jazz? Me neither, but when I finally decided to go for them, I realized they are one of the best I have ever had. The price of the shoes is very friendly, they look amazing and they also fit me very well. The tip of my heel and toes almost felt like there is nothing on them, thanks to the coziness of the shoes. The sides also fit very well and they are cushioned for extra comfort. I ran with these shoes and I didn’t have any sore feet or blisters on the toes. It is a great shoe that you can buy and be sure of having a reliable accessory.

Get them for $50 from Zappos or $25 from 6pm.com.