Our Privacy Policy

HealthProfessionals21 is a site where you can find reviews of fashion shoes and apparel. If you visit this site to get the latest reviews, make sure you understand the privacy policies, and then agree before you proceed to browse.

Collecting information

HealthProfessionals21 will collect your information. This information includes your name and email contacts. You willingly give this information. We will not reveal it to any other site. This information is voluntary, and it helps the site to communicate with people that login. There are other detailed pieces of information you will provide but this is only used by the site to analyze the pages visited, and the different links clicked.

Sharing information

HealthProfessionals21 asks you for name and email. This information is confidential and is never disclosed to third parties without your consent. But if the law demands your detail is given only in good faith.

Cookie Policies

The HealthProfessionals21 uses cookies for tracking purposes. This is only used to gather information on your browser type and calculate the number of visitors to the site. The cookie helps to customize the site and help improve the user experience. However, the cookie does not mine personal information.

Third party adverts and servers

HealthProfessionals21 features third party adverts and promotions which might also use cookies that get information. This information is used to improve the user’s experience and not for any other purpose. Visitors must accept the cookie policy before they use our site.

Email Subscription

The site allows its users to subscribe to email and newsletters. However, they can opt out of these subscriptions anytime they want.

External links

HealthProfessionals21 does provide links to third parties. We have no control on these external sites. Users clicking these links must learn about the privacy policies of these third parties.

Policy changes

By agreeing to use our site, you also agree to any future changes that may occur. HealthProfessionals21 has the authority to change its user’s policy anytime in order to improve user experience. However, it will contact you for these changes.