Chinese Translation of Commission Report

Chinese TranslationAt a high-level consultation in Beijing involving a dozen vice presidents of China’s leading medical universities on 26 February 2011, the Chinese translation of the Commission Report was released. The translated report required a month of intensive work to capture new concepts and terminology into the Chinese language. Plans are for Peking University to work in collaboration with Lancet-China to print the translated book, following the Commission Book cover and format for wide distribution in China.

The consultation was hosted by Commissioner Professor Ke Yang, Executive Vice President of Health Sciences at Peking University and Commission co-chair, Lincoln Chen, President of the China Medical Board. In addition to leaders of medical universities, the one-day consultation was attended by officials from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

All participants praised the breakthroughs in the Report. Especially cited were “new methods, new vision, new concepts, and new strategies.” Underscored was the imperative of contextualizing this global report into the unique Chinese context, both for relevance as well as for translation into action in China. ChineseTrans2t

A Chinese Working Group has been established to plan a public launch of the Commission report in Beijing during the end of April. At the launch, the Working Group may announce the formation of a "China Commission"– paralleling the mandate and work of the global commission but focused exclusively on China—that will tackle the applicability of the report's concepts for implementation in China. To be led by Professor Ke Yang, the Working Group will develop the China Commission’s mandate, workplan, research, policy advocacy, and organizational structure. Senior representatives of the China Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education offered full support for the China Commission follow-up.

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