About the Blog

Thank you for heading on over to my blog! I am a nurse and my husband is a physiotherapist with a specialty in shoes and foot health. As health professionals, we know how important for our health properly fitting shoes are. At the same time, operating a side business (which makes us entrepreneurs), we are aware of the fascinating world of shoes. In the past few years, shoe technology has advanced to the point that shoe designs are based on our latest knowledge in the area of biomechanics, and our understanding of proper human posture.   I am enthusiastic about the world of shoes and I am hoping that this website will make you more interested in this amazing market.

I started writing this blog as a means of sharing my interest in shoes and athletic apparel. I have always been amazed at how big the industry is and I am looking to get my blog to show the world just how impressive and thrilling the shoe industry truly is.

I started holding an interest in shoes when I was working out in high school. I noticed that there were many different types of shoes for me to choose from and that I could really make my body feel more active if I just had the right ones. In fact, I noticed that there were different types of shoes for very specific occasions. These include shoes for particular sports.

By focusing on the right shoes for different activities and comparing them with one another based on what can be done with them, I found that it is easy to get great shoes for all sorts of occasions. Over time, I have started collecting different shoes for varying events and have even ordered different athletic gear and apparel to go along with them.

I am still fascinated by the ways how you can find so many different fashion options for all sorts of special needs. Today I am writing this blog to help you learn about athletic shoes and apparel. I want to help you see what the difference is between so many different shoe models and how you can use so many choices to your advantage. Information on different shoe retailers, both physical and online-based, can also be found on this site.

I’m looking forward to providing you with plenty of details for whatever you might be interested in exploring. Be sure to check out this page when learning more about what’s around out there.

Kelly Irvine