18 May

4 Shoes Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe


Jose is an expert in men’s fashion and apparel. I like the information he gives in his videos. Today, he talks about the basic shoes that all men should have in their closet.

Hey guys, this is teaching men fashion. I’m Jose and for this weeks style video I want to talk about 4 shoes every man needs in their wardrobe. Now these 4 shoes that I’m suggesting to you that every man needs is for a certain reason. Now at the end of the video, I do want to mention that if you liked the shoes that I showed you guys you could actually purchase them as I’ll have links below each shoe, of a similar shoes or the exact shoe where you could click and purchase the shoe if you don’t have it yet in your wardrobe. I will also have a link to this article on the description box where you could read the article I wrote up on this.

Shoes are the essential and basic of men’s wear in my opinion. So the four shoes that I will be showing you are the dressy Penny Loafer, the burgundy Laceup, the Wingtip, and the black Lace up.

Let me give you an over all explanation why I think this. Basically all four of these shoes, you could dress it down you can dress them up, you can wear them with jeans and you can wear them with a suit. That’s why these four shoes should be your basics. They look good over all, you could wear them casually or dressy as I stated.

Now let me just break down a couple of shoes and explain them. First, we started with the Penny Loafer. This is a classic, you need at least one Loafer in your wardrobe. I love Loafers and I obviously have more than one but at least one is always good to have and this is probably the best one. Make sure it is very long-gated because there are Penny Loafer which are shorter, like the classy preppy penny which isn’t bad but it is a very casually penny and you really can’t dress it up. So go with something dressy, this you could wear with jeans or with a suits. So they look good.

The next shoe we talked about was the burgundy Lace up. This shoe is just perfect because it’s not so boring. Everyone has brown and black but do you see people with a Maroon or Burgundy shoe often? You probably don’t, so you should be that change and wear one of these. The other thing is that they don’t make a huge statement, it’s a settle change that a lot of people will notice.

The last two, one of them were the Wingtip. These last two are just classics, these are time less pieces that will look good for years to come. These too could be dressed up or down, they are classics they always look good. As I also said with the wingtip this is also a classic. A classic Cap toe black lace up, this is good for your business and formal events. This shoe you really can’t dress down but you do need at least one black shoe in your wardrobe.

Those are the four shoes that every man needs and they are going to create the base for your wardrobe.

Thank you Jose! My husband watched your video and found it helpful. He actually owns a pair of Wingtips, but he needs a Penny Loafer, too.

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