Shoes for Health Professionals from and Finish Line

As a health professional at Barnes and Jewish hospital in Saint Louis, MO, I endorse the anatomical shoes that and offer. These online shoe stores carry a big variety of footwear, clothing, and accessories.

I am a nurse by profession. I received my professional education from Harvard School of Public Health. Like many nurses, I work in physically demanding areas (i.e operating rooms) that require I remain on my feet for long hours. Everyday, I spend most of my time either standing or walking. Of course, good shoes can minimize the discomfort in my feet and the strain in my lower back.

A recent study published in Rehabilitation Nursing in 2014,  found that nurses who wear high heels at work have a high risk of developing musculo-sckeletal pain conditions. This is why the hospital I work at recently organized a conference to train health care professionals and encourage inter-professional teamwork, and one of the lectures was the importance of anatomic shoes at workplace.

Orthopedic shoes help distribute the weight load of the body in the foot, supporting the spine and providing relief from pain. They are a great ally for a health professional’s well being and performance at work. This is true especially if you suffer from a podiatry condition.

Another 2014 study evaluated the effectiveness of unstable shoes in preventing back pain in health professionals. The results suggested that if you are a health professional who suffers from low back pain, and you wear unstable shoes for one month and a half, the pain will be significantly decreased.

Unstable shoes are also known as rocker bottom shoes or toning shoes. Instead of a flat surface at the bottom, they have a curved surface. Medical professionals and podiatrists  have seen people with gait problems, arthritic conditions, foot or ankle pain,  and deformities, to get healed when they use this type of shoes. According to the Academy of Podiatrists in Sports and Medicine, benefits of using unstable shoes include increased metabolism, increased muscle activation, improved balance, better posture, relief of stress from joints, and elimination of pain in back and foot.

Unstable Shoes

Thankfully, the education I received in that conference clearly presented all this information, and the experts strongly suggested we wear anatomic shoes. So, I went online and I looked for anatomic shoes for nurses. My research lead me to and

6pm  have an impressive variety of shoes for nurses. So many different colors and designs! I bought the Timberland PRO Renova Professional.

Timberland shoes for health professionals

They are perfect for health professionals like me. Here is why:

  • They are slip-on. When you are on your feet all day, you need a slip-on shoe.
  • They have good cushion. Often I lift heavy things while at work, and I also go up and down the stairs, so cushioning is a must.
  • The outsole is slip resistant . That’s very useful especially on the frequently wet floors of the hospital.
  • This shoe has a technology that manages skin moisture preventing odors and killing all odor-causing bacteria.
  • Timberland PRO® Anti-Fatigue technology supports your foot all day, and offers suffucient shock absorption.
  • Their shape is anatomic. What’s more, the front part of the shoe has plenty of room for the toes to spread, and of the forefoot, diminishing fatigue.

Soon after I purchased my shoes from, my husband who is also a health professional realized he is need of anatomic shoes, too. He is a physiotherapist and he got his bachelors from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I found this shoe for my husband at Men’s Nike LunarLaunch Running Shoes.

Nike LunarLaunch Running Shoe

The main feature of this shoe is that it has more than average cushioning. At the same time, it has a barefoot-like design which allows the foot to take its natural shape. They are made of breathable and light mess, so you can wear them all day at work without worrying about smelly feet. The whole design gives the shoe an anatomical fit.

Would you like to know more about and

What is is a bargain shoe and apparel retailer owned by Zappos. It is an e-commerce site that houses different items and accessories from different well known brands. Whether you are more interested in Clarks shoes or are more of a fan of Stuart Weitzman’s boots, you can pretty much find anything that is of top quality, but at a very reasonable rate. The most exciting thing about is the fact that they offer marvelous deals at the beginning of every day! Yes, 6pm coupon codes have become quite popular, as consumers anticipate to get them every week. I would say that this is definitely the reason why I get up early to catch the discounts.

What are the ongoing coupon sales on

This is the most exciting part! The company likes to surprise customers with their sales news. To know when the  6pm shoes coupon code is released, you either:

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Just remember to check on “Redeem Gift Cards and Coupons” and write in your promo code before proceeding with your checkout so that you can apply the discount to your merchandise. is a B rated BBB accredited business, and has received the Patron of the Year award from Goodie Two Shoe’s Foundation.

How are the shoes at good for your feet?

Since I already had a bad experience with low-quality shoes, I decided to do my research extensively on the products. I was very happy to see that some of their brands were designed by orthopaedic surgeons!

  • Taryn Rose (at URL is one brand that has truly changed the way my feet feel. This brand was founded by an orthopaedic surgeon, and the shoes look not only stylish and trendy, but sport really innovative techniques which include ‘memory foam’ or Poron cushioning on the inside walls. This enhances the comfort factor as well, thereby protecting the skin from blisters and offering great support and flexibility to the feet.
  • Dansko (at URL is another superior brand that you can find at They design and manufacture sandals, flats, slip-on clogs, and also boots to spice up your collection. But the best part is that their construction includes super shock absorbing material that does not chafe the skin, offers proper arch support and a rocker bottom to reduce stress. Also the toe areas have enough space so that blood circulation is not cut off. The shoes are also made of highly durable materials which make them the perfect buy at a very reasonable price.
  • NAOT footwear (at URL since the year 1942 has been working hard at bringing the most comfortable shoes to the customers without compromising on their looks and style. The anatomical footbed resembles the curves of the feet and fits into every contour perfectly. Their Matai Mary Jane and Architect slip on are my personal favorites!

I also buy my shoes at Finish Line (URL: which is an athletic retailer where you can find best footwear that are meant for workouts. Their products are usually meant for sport activities, and you will be happy to find great deals for famous brands like Adidas, Nike and Jordan.

What are the current deals coupons for Finish Line?

At, you will find a coupon that gives a discount upto 50% on shoes during the deal of the week. Also till this 30th of April, there is a deal where you can get $10 off for any order that is worth $100 and more.

To apply the finish line online coupons, all you have to do is enter the Finish Line promo code in the “Redeem Gift Cards and Coupons” section to apply the discount. Make sure that you use the coupon before proceeding with your checkout.

Why are the shoes you find at Finish Line healthy for your feet?

Sport activities usually put a lot of strain on our feet. And one of the reasons why Nike, Adidas and other big brands have become famous is because they know how to provide the best comfort to the feet especially when they are engaged in strenuous activities.

Womens Nike Comfort Slide Sandals

I love their Nike Sandals because they are perfect to wear during training. They have Phylon outsole and midsole, along with a textured footbed which offers best support and flexibility to the feet.

For my jogging, I usually wear the Adidas Casual shoes because their textured outsole provides good grip and keeps my feet secure and stable. The comfortable fabric lining on the inside is a perfect protection for my skin to keep all chafing and irritation at bay.

My personal favorite from the is the Nike sandals which I wear at all times when I am at home.

Softwalk Heels 6pm discount 60 percent off

And from, my top choice is the Softwalk collection of heels that I wear for work. They are very stylish and formal in their appearance, and their ‘massaging footbed’ material is a great feature that I absolutely enjoy.

Both these sites have changed my life for the better. My feet are absolutely healthy and strong, and that has definitely helped me to live a better life!