6pm.com and FinishLine Promo codes: Get Healthy Shoes at a great price!

Are you a total shopaholic when it comes to shoes? If yes, you are like me. And this is why you should hear out my story about how I managed to get shoes that are not only comfortable but super stylish as well! Years ago, when I had just started to work, I was in the position to throw around a little money to get some exciting accessories that could definitely help me create my own fashion trend. A whole range of items would fly off the shelves as I waved my magic plastic card at the counter, and it was the shoes that I was always mad about. Whether they were heels, wedges, flats or boots, I would wear them even after work at my apartment.

Being a podiatrist I know that you must not wear uncomfortable shoes consistently, and this was a lesson I learned the hard way. Within a few months, I was in terrible agony. What started out as an innocent mild throbbing in my right feet soon left my calves in clenching pain. That was not the end to my nightmares. At work I had to keep up appearance, and heels were the ones I favored. But standing around in those high heels was so painful that I would often find excuses to sit whenever possible. My back would ache a lot, and soon I was having sleepless nights. I knew it was time to go a professional for a medical check up.

While low quality heels are not the best thing to happen to women’s feet in terms of health and medical safety, even flats are recommended by podiatrists. How surprising is that? Flats, like ballerina shoes and flip-flops have no proper arch that would fit into the curves of the feet properly. It is generally advised to go for shoes that would have a low and broad base for the heel. Good shoes should also have proper fastenings and arch support to fit the feet properly. They should be made of a shock-absorbing material that would not scratch or irritate the skin to cause blisters. I finally learned how important it is to maintain good, healthy feet in order to carry on with my daily tasks without any problems.

Since that misadventure of mine, I decided to make the best choices while buying shoes. While looks were still on top of my list, I decided to go for shoes that would also be quite top-notch in the comfort area. Fishing around online finally brought me to 6pm.com and FinishLine.com, and I just cannot believe my luck!

What is 6pm.com?

6pm.com is a bargain shoe and apparel retailer owned by Zappos. It is an e-commerce site that houses different items and accessories from different well known brands. Whether you are more interested in Clarks shoes or are more of a fan of Stuart Weitzman’s boots, you can pretty much find anything that is of top quality, but at a very reasonable rate. The most exciting thing about 6pm.com is the fact that they offer marvelous deals at the beginning of every day! Yes, 6pm coupon codes have become quite popular, as consumers anticipate to get them every week. I would say that this is definitely the reason why I get up early to catch the discounts.

What are the ongoing coupon sales on 6pm.com?

This is the most exciting part! The company likes to surprise customers with their sales news. To know when theĀ  6pm shoes coupon code is released, you either:

  • Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and receive daily updates on their latest collection and best deals.
  • Subscribe to their daily mails and they will send you the 6pm promo codes whenever the sales happen. Prior to holidays and events they usually offer great deals.
  • You can also find their amazing 6pm.com coupons at Groupon. Currently, you can find discount codes for 6pm to get up to 60% off on shoes.

Just remember to check on “Redeem Gift Cards and Coupons” and write in your 6pm.com promo code before proceeding with your checkout so that you can apply the discount to your merchandise.

6pm.com is a B rated BBB accredited business, and has received the Patron of the Year award from Goodie Two Shoe’s Foundation.

How are the shoes at 6pm.com good for your feet?

Since I already had a bad experience with low-quality shoes, I decided to do my research extensively on the 6pm.com products. I was very happy to see that some of their brands were designed by orthopaedic surgeons!

  • Taryn Rose (at URL http://www.6pm.com/taryn-rose) is one brand that has truly changed the way my feet feel. This brand was founded by an orthopaedic surgeon, and the shoes look not only stylish and trendy, but sport really innovative techniques which include ‘memory foam’ or Poron cushioning on the inside walls. This enhances the comfort factor as well, thereby protecting the skin from blisters and offering great support and flexibility to the feet.
  • Dansko (at URL http://www.6pm.com/dansko) is another superior brand that you can find at 6pm.com. They design and manufacture sandals, flats, slip-on clogs, and also boots to spice up your collection. But the best part is that their construction includes super shock absorbing material that does not chafe the skin, offers proper arch support and a rocker bottom to reduce stress. Also the toe areas have enough space so that blood circulation is not cut off. The shoes are also made of highly durable materials which make them the perfect buy at a very reasonable price.
  • NAOT footwear (at URL http://www.6pm.com/naot-footwear) since the year 1942 has been working hard at bringing the most comfortable shoes to the customers without compromising on their looks and style. The anatomical footbed resembles the curves of the feet and fits into every contour perfectly. Their Matai Mary Jane and Architect slip on are my personal favorites!

I also buy my shoes at Finish Line (URL: http://www.finishline.com/) which is an athletic retailer where you can find best footwear that are meant for workouts. Their products are usually meant for sport activities, and you will be happy to find great deals for famous brands like Adidas, Nike and Jordan.

What are the current deals coupons for Finish Line?

At http://www.retailmenot.com/view/finishline.com, you will find a coupon that gives a discount upto 50% on shoes during the deal of the week. Also till this 30th of April, there is a deal where you can get $10 off for any order that is worth $100 and more.

To apply the finish line online coupons, all you have to do is enter the Finish Line promo code in the “Redeem Gift Cards and Coupons” section to apply the discount. Make sure that you use the coupon before proceeding with your checkout.

Why are the shoes you find at Finish Line healthy for your feet?

Sport activities usually put a lot of strain on our feet. And one of the reasons why Nike, Adidas and other big brands have become famous is because they know how to provide the best comfort to the feet especially when they are engaged in strenuous activities.

Womens Nike Comfort Slide Sandals

I love their Nike Sandals because they are perfect to wear during training. They have Phylon outsole and midsole, along with a textured footbed which offers best support and flexibility to the feet.

For my jogging, I usually wear the Adidas Casual shoes because their textured outsole provides good grip and keeps my feet secure and stable. The comfortable fabric lining on the inside is a perfect protection for my skin to keep all chafing and irritation at bay.

My personal favorite from the finishline.com is the Nike sandals which I wear at all times when I am at home.

Softwalk Heels 6pm discount 60 percent off

And from 6pm.com, my top choice is the Softwalk collection of heels that I wear for work. They are very stylish and formal in their appearance, and their ‘massaging footbed’ material is a great feature that I absolutely enjoy.

Both these sites have changed my life for the better. My feet are absolutely healthy and strong, and that has definitely helped me to live a better life!